Social Media

Your social media settings allow us to integrate with popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. These integration's allow more automated updating to your social network when using features like the built in blog.

e.g. When you create a new blog post and save, the system will automatically create a Tweet and Facebook post.

In the settings, we need your app details for each network but the posting actions will be performed within the individual feature itself.


Create an App
The first step in integrating Twitter to your store is to create an app. This is done via Twitter's development site You will need to log in to your account to get started.

Please follow the below series of screen shots to see what sections should be filled in.


Admin Store Settings for Social Media Filled in

Step 1. Create the App

Step 2. Change Settings to Read and Write Access

Step 3. Create a token

Step 4. Copy and Paste Access Details to your Store Admin



Create an app

In order to get you application key and secret, you must first create a simple app within Facebook. Click here to begin

Click the button to create a new app. Then follow the screen shots;

Create a New App


Enter App Name (Can be named anything)

Copy and Paste App ID (App key) and Secret to Admin Settings

Once details are saved, future blog posts will automatically create a new Facebook post containing the blog title and link on your storefront.


Watch our tutorial movie:


Store Settings


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