Regional and Currency Settings

The following settings will affect how currencies will be displayed in your storefront, checkout and order emails.
Store Default Time

Select the timezone that you want your store set to. This will affect the display of order dates and times.

Store Default Currency

Select from the list of available currencies. The default currency will be the base for which any alternate display currency will be calculated from. It will be the main currency which will charge during the checkout.

Currency Symbol

Manually enter the currency symbol you want to display next to the product price value in your storefront.

Available Currencies on Currency Converter

From the "Available" list, select all currencies you want available for visitors to select from your storefront. They will appear as a drop down menu for visitors to select when viewing your products. Any active currency will be listed under the "Selected" box.

The Currency Converter is used to change the currency display directly on product prices storewide, throughout the checkout and on order confirmation emails. It does not change the default currency that charges in the checkout, it will only display the calculated amount based on the default currency.

Currencies are updated in real time via a feed link to the world's most popular currency and foreign exchange site. 

A special note has been added in your checkout to show customers that your main currency which you are charging in will be the actual price, currency exchange rates may vary by small amounts.

Currency Display Style

You can change the order of display for the currency symbol and the value e.g. $45 or 45$

Number of Decimal Places

Enter the number of decimal places you would like your pricing to be displayed with.

Weight Unit

Select either "Grams" or "Ounce". This will affect all sections in your store that use weights for display and calculations. Mainly shipping is affected.  

Auto Currency Conversion By IP

The original displaying currency in your storefront can be set by the visitors IP address. e.g. if the IP is from a US customer then it will show the currency originally in US dollars unless the visitor changes this manually.


Store Settings - Regional and Currency Settings


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