SEO Settings

The SEO settings page manages general site wide search engine optimisation settings for your store. You'll still need to manage the SEO settings for each page as you create them, however these settings will form the standard rules so individual page settings are reduced and save you time.

The META settings are broken in to two sections. The defaults and the page rules.
The defaults are used for the home page and additions to page rules.
The page rules are used to format how META tags are created on a page by page basis. i.e. the order in which the text for the title tag is generated.


Default Site Title

This is the META tag for the home page and possibly an addition to page rules if selected below. It is recommended to be up to 64 characters in length, however it should be shorter if it's to be added to the page META rules along with other texts. e.g. the default title and the page title.
It should be entirely related to your store, descriptive and have about two or three of your main keyword phrases. This title appears on search engine listings.

Default Site Description

The default Sites META Description should be a short 220 character descriptive text about your store. It should be general and contain many of the same words as your default title. It should clearly describe your store in a few sentences to potential customers, as it appears on search engine listings.

Enable Address META Tags

If you tick the box to enable the address meta tag, this will help with your LOCAL search engine results. Search engines are increasingly narrowing down sites to be placed in their local search. For example if your address is in the US, then the address meta tag will tell the search engine this is your location and rank you higher in the US searches.

Google, Yahoo and Bing Verification Codes

Search engine Verification Codes are used to identify you as the owner of a store so you can access detailed information which each engine can provide. Please click here to view instructions on activating your Google verification code.


This section is for creating default SEO Meta rules for your inside pages, e.g categories, content pages, brands and products.
Enter the codes and any custom text in the default order you want for all pages.
Any codes which are non relevant to a page, e.g. no SKU for a category page, will automatically be excluded. 
Meta Values : [Page_Title], [SKU], [Description], [Keywords], [Default_Title], [Default_Description], [Default_Keywords]

Title Tag

The title tag will generate the page title text which also appears on search engine listings. You can combine tag codes such as [Page_Title], [SKU] - [Default_Title] to generate a dynamic page title which draws on the relevant information of that page. e.g. in this case the code may translate to;
Dancing shoes in black, b1042d - Dancing accessories online store.
As mentioned above, the code will also work for a category page title since the [SKU] code will be dropped as there is no SKU on a category page.

Description Tag

The description tag is best to remain as the defaut [Description] since it should always display the description entered to that page. This means it will be the most relevant. In this case, please make sure you always enter the page meta descriptions when creating a new page.

Keywords Tag

The keywords tag is best to remain as the defaut [keywords] since it should always display the keywords entered to that page. This means it will be the most relevant. You could always add [Default_Keywords] as well if your default keywords are also relevant. Just ensure they don't have the same keywords in each.

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