Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is a solution for integrating your storefront's checkout login with a users Facebook account.

This feature is used for easier and faster registration without the need to enter a new login, especially if it's a one time purchase.

Facebook has over 500 million users so this is a great opportunity to cater for the urgency factor in a wide range of new customers orders.

Enable Facebook

Simply tick the checkbox and select "default" from the appearing menu.

Facebook Connect Default Settings

A new facebook connect logo will appear on your login page for the checkout. When clicked, a pop up will appear offering the customer to allow connection to their Facebook account. If they click "allow" they will have all address fields automatically filled and ready to proceed.

Facebook Connect login 

Custom Application Settings

Alternatively you can select "Custom" from the appearing menu (instead of default) and enter your own application settings. Follow these instructions to create your application ID and secret. You can also use the existing settings from the Facebook Social integration if you have already set that up.

Facebook Connect CustomSettings

Integration Instructions

You must first create or login to a Facebook account.

Step 1. 
a) Once logged in, click here to create a new Facebook App http://developers.facebook.com/apps and allow the developer app to install.
b) Now click "Create New App".

Creating your new store App in Facebook 

c) Add App Display Name (We suggest your store name here.)
d) Add App Namespace (This must be Min 7 characters long.)

Creating your App Name


Once you click "continue", the following page with more settings will appear.

e) Add your contact email.
f) Add App Domain Name (Your domain is your storefront URL excluding the http. e.g. mydomain.com)

Basic Info

Enter the provided App ID and App Secret to your admin Facebook Connect settings and save.


Watch our tutorial movie:

Store Settings

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