Clearly display shipping and return policies

Especially during the holidays, consumers really need to know how fast they can get their item and how to return it if there's a fault or change of mind.

Shipping terms and conditions should be clearly displayed on every page of your site, whether it's a link to a page or in a side column. Make them fair and justified. If their too restrictive then it might cost you sales, if their too loose then it might invite problems.

Given that the holiday shopping season often leads to more returns than other times of year, you
should try to make your return policy as hassle-free as possible. Doing so could help impress customers
and attract future business.

Display a POST BY date on your homepage, across product pages, and in the shipping options section
of your checkout. This will help clarify one of the first questions anyone has when visiting your store. Especially as it approaches the 25th of December

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