Digital Goods

Digital Products
Digital products should not be confused with downloadable goods. Digital means that you are able to sell individual product codes which can be used to either download a software or movies from a separate server or to sell such codes for e.g. phone cards, software codes or game codes. 

First check the box available to activate digital goods. The click the "Edit/View digital keys" button and a new larger text box will appear for entering the digital key’s.

Enter the key’s on a separate line each, as many as you like. Each key you enter will be sold only once and deactivated automatically. Click the "Add New Product Keys" button to complete the upload, your keys will then appear on the list to the right as "available".

From the right column list, you can tick a box for the corresponding key to "mark as sold" which will deactivate that key. You can then delete it.

From the same window you have options to filter your key list by "Available Keys" or by "Sold Keys". 

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