For variant groups to be displayed in the product edit page, you must first add a new variant template in the Variant Template section of your admin panel. (See Variant Templates for details) Once this has been done, you may select as many variant groups as you like, e.g. size, colour and length. From the "Select Variant" drop down box, select your variant group to apply to this product. Once selected, press the "Add Selected" button to add it to the list below. Repeat this process to add multiple variant groups to this product.

  • Combined variant groups - If you have combined some variant groups from the variant template creator, then you can also select to use them for this product from here. Again, simply select the group name from the drop down box and add to the list below. 
    Note: It is always best to use a combined variant group for a product rather than selecting multiple variant groups for the same product. This will help manage stock better.

Variant Table



Enter the variant names. Each new row represents a new variant selection on your storefront.

To set the order in which variant groups are displayed on product pages, fill the relative order number on the column called "Order", appearing next to the group name. A lower number will appear higher on the list. 

Variants can be displayed in two ways on your storefront. As a drop down menu or as radio button options. Select the type here for each individual variant group. You can also edit the variant group directly from the variant template to save time doing it here every time you add the same variant group to a product.

Stock Variant

Enter the SKU or product code for this variant. It will be used as an independent SKU for managing your stock database and is shown to customers on the checkout and order emails.

Variants have the option to add a surcharge value above the products base price. e.g. Price = $10, Surcharge = $2 therefore total added to basket is $12.

The following way to display this surcharge value in your store's product detail page.

  1. Firstly check the box in the Online column and then tick the display surcharge box for each variant - This will display the surcharge value like "Large +$2"
  2. On the storefront settings page, check the box called "Add variant surcharge" and save. 

B2B Surcharge
Enter the surcharge value for your B2B approved members. This will work in the same way as the Surcharge option listed above.

Display Surcharge
Choose whether or not to display the surcharge amount on the variants. This is only relevant if the check box in your store settings called "Add variant surcharge to display price" is unchecked.

Sort Order
This manages the sort order of the variants listed within a group.

Checking the box will hide this variant from displaying to customers in your storefront 

Enter the available stock amount for this individual variant. This stock level may display to customers if you have chosen to add the element to your product page design. 

Enable Stock Alert
If you enable stock alert and enter an alert value in the next field. The system will email you once the stock threshhold has been reached. This will be sent to your orders email. 

Stock Alert Level
Enter the threshhold value at which you would like to be alerted by email if you stock is running low. e.g enter 10 and you will be emailed when your stock level for this variant reaches 10. 

Enter this variants weight. It will be used in calculation for your total basket weight and shipping costs if applicable. This weight is independent of the base products weight, meaning it will add to the base weight of the product if added to the cart. 

This allows you to link a variant to one of your images uploaded to this product gallery. Simply click the 'add' link and your available images will appear for selection. If linked together, when a customer selects this variant on your storefront the main product image will switch to the one linked to that variant. NOTE: VARIANTS LINKED TO IMAGES WILL COUNT AS ONE PRODUCT IN YOUR PLAN. THIS IS BECAUSE THEY TAKE UP THE SAME DATA SPACE AS A FULL PRODUCT IN OUR DATABASE. 

Storefront display settings for products using variants are as follows;

  • Product Thumbnail - Only the "add to cart" button will display on the product thumbnail, without the quantity field. This is because an item cannot be added directly to the basket without first landing on the product detail page and selecting from the variants available. When the visitor clicks on the "add" button, they will be directed ot the product detail page instead of adding the item to basket.
  • Product Detail Page - All available variant groups and their variants will display as drop down menu boxes. the customer must select all variants before adding to basket.

                                   Variant selection box on product detail page                            Variants and qty box removed on product thumbnails


Text variants

Create variants which can be answered manually by your customers. e.g. ask them how wide they want the blinds to be, and they can answer, 1.23m. This answer will be applied to the product and order, it will be displayed to the merchant on the detailed order page and the order email confirmation.
You can add multiple text variants to a product and even set rules such as: a single line answer or multiple line answers, maximum characters allowed in answers.



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