Display Settings


Use the drop down menu to make this product visible online on your storefront or offine and invisible if you choose to remove the item from your store, but not from your admin panel. An offline product will not be indexed by search engines and is not fully visible or usable via a direct link.

Home Page Special

Tick if you want this product to show on your sites home page. There is a limit of one home page, if you have made too many products home page featured then it can create a second home page which creates display problems, the system is designed to have only one home page.

Category Special

Tick if you want this product to show as a featured product on a categories page. There is a limit of up to eight featured products per category.

Page Sort Value

Enter the page sort value of the item. This will rank the product according to the number you place in here. E.g. If you have 20 items and you sort this product as 5, then it will be ranked 5th relative to other items. If you have different items with the same rank, popularity will affect the ranking. A value of “0” will rank the highest on the page. 

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