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Why are my stock levels different than what they should be?

There are three common reasons for stock possibly being 'out'.

Please bare in mind that it is not possible for purchases to be made for "out of stock" products, unless advanced orders are enabled. The view cart page and the checkout have controls to stop an order finalising even if two customers are buying the same item at the same time, only the first one will process.
  1. Deleting orders will repopulate stock levels for the products within those deleted orders, even if the order is in the denied section. The reason is that it is not possible for the system to understand that it is being deleted from the denied folder and not the shipped folder. Stock should always be repopulated if an order is deleted, the best proceedure is to cancel or deny orders but not delete them. This way you can always go back and check on orders if required.
  2. You might be changing stock levels as an order arrives. Only refreshing the product page will show the most current stock levels.
  3. Please be mindful when transfering orders between statuses as this can affect stock levels. The following are the stock rules in place between status folders.

Positive folders = New order, In progress, ready to ship, shipped, completed

1. When moving order from cancelled folder to positive folders, stock is reduced.
2. When moving order from Denied folder to cancelled and all positive folders, stock is not affected. (This is because a denied payment order is placed here and does not affect stock levels when placed)
3. When moving order from positive folder to Cancelled and Denied folders, stock is added.
4. When moving order from cancelled folder to Denied folder, stock is not affected.

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