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How to Add a Facebook Social "Like" Button Plugin

Follow the instructions from this link: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/

Choose your preference once done press "Get Code"

Copy plugin codes from boxes 1 & 2 above to your product details design page by going to Admin panel>Designs>Product Detail page, choose the HTML tab and add the above codes.

Insert the code from "box 1" as shown below.
Insert the code from "box 2" anywhere inside were you want it to be seen. See example in the panel shown below.

Click the Save button once complete for changes to apply.

FYI: The plugin does not work at times due to site maintenance (Facebook) if you are using IE9 or Chrome try using Firefox to check this plugins by clicking on them, if its under maintenance it will give you a detailed error message coming from them.

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