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How do I set up getprice feeds on my site?

Please visit the "Tools" top menu and select 'Product Feeds'. From this section you can create new feeds or select system product feeds for most available shopping engines. GetPrice has already been created, so please simply select the download or XML feed link and apply to your Getprice account via their admin settings.

For old Ashop System, see below instructions;

To setup getprice feeds on your site follow the steps below:


1.       Go to marketing menu and select product feeds.

2.       Select and download Getprice feed and save to desktop

3.       Create a custom page in the admin and name it "shopping engine feeds"

4.       On the custom page type the text "getpricefeed"

5.       Highlight the text and click the hyperlink button and then the upload tab in the popup box

6.       Browse to find the Getprice file on your desktop and then click the send to server button and save once upload is complete.

7.       Save the custom page

8.       Find the page on your storefront and click on the Getpricefeed text to open the feed, copy this URL and give to Getprice.

9.       Go back to the custom page in your admin and change to offline status.

10.   You will need to periodically update this feed if you change products or prices. Please delete the old feed from the server before uploading to the same text so the URL remains the same.

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