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ANZ Egate Application Inquiry

Q: 1. Are card numbers displayed as masked numbers?
A: No
Q: 1. Is secured sockets layer Version 3.0 - (RSA Public Key 1024 bits) used?
A: Yes
Q: 2. Are strong passwords used and changed at least every 90 days for all administrator roles and users with access to card data?
A: Yes
Q: 3. Is your web application securely developed to defend against the top ten security risks outlined in the 'OWASP Top 10"?
A: Yes

Q: 1. Is the Transaction amount displayed in the currency in which the transaction was processed? Is the customer shown the currency used for the transaction when purchasing?
A: Yes
Q: 2. Is there a Authorisation code on the receipt (Authorisation ID)?
A: Yes
Q: 3. Is there a transaction type of the receipt (eg purchase or refund)?
A: Yes
Q: 4. Is the country disclosed at the time of presenting payment options to the cardholder?
A: Yes

Q: 1. Do you store the credit card details? If so do you store them for recurring or batched or future or other transactions ?
A: We don't store them
Q: 2. Is ashop PCI compliant?
A: Yes, level 1
Q: 3. Are full 16 digit numbers stored?
A: Not stored
Q: 4. Are security codes (CV2/CVC2) nto stored post authorisation?
A: No

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