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How do I set up a sale or clearance on my store?

You can set up a sale or clearance on your store by creating a discount coupon via Inventory>Discount coupons and provide an amount or monetary value discount against the Categories you want this applied to (note that if a product is across more than one category, if any of those categories are selected, the product will receive a discount).


You can then add an advertisement to your store (or via other advertisements) with the discount code for them to note down and enter on the checkout page. Information on how to add a text widget or other advertisements can be found here:

http://helpconsole.ashop.com.au/display/HC/Design (be sure to check the Child Pages)

Also note you can provide customer specific discounts by clicking on the Customer details in Customers>View/Edit Customers, then adjust the Customer Specific Discount percentage.


Unfortunately there is no current way to apply a percent discount across the whole store (so it shows the sale price before the checkout).

Some customers have downloaded their product database spreadsheet, made a copy of the original Our Price and List Price and replaced it with a new Our Price and uploaded again. Information on downloading and uploading spreadsheets can be found here: 

http://helpconsole.ashop.com.au/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1082021 (be sure to check the Child Pages)

They have then added a field that might say "December Sale Price" (for example) in the Design>Product Listing Design and/or Product Detail Design Page.  Information on those can be found here:

http://helpconsole.ashop.com.au/display/HC/Product+Listing+Design (be sure to check the Child Pages)
http://helpconsole.ashop.com.au/display/HC/Product+Detail+Page+Design (be sure to check the Child Pages)

At the end of the promotion, customers have then reloaded the original prices back into the system and removed the reference to the sale. Remember to be careful to have the same number of rows in the same order as the original download before the sale if you want to copy and paste the original Our Price back into the system after the sale. Also remember to strictly follow the tips and rules for the database download and upload on the administration page.

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