Do you have guest checkout?

Yes we have a ready built guest checkout option in at the login page of the checkout.

This will disable the password requirement for setting up an account. When the customer returns for more purchases it will still allow them to use guest checkout or create a permanent login.

A cookie will be used to maintain their session on the storefront so they can view their current member administration page. This will allow them to set a password and view order information.

A returning customer with previous order history will not be able to login to view their history as a full registration was never created when using guest checkout. In order to see any order history, a full registration including password must first be created and used when making any orders. Only then will an order be linked to that account. For the same reason, you, as a merchant, will not have the customers details in your customers list since they chose not to provide this. All details will be found only from the order placed.

Example of typical Guest checkout option at login page

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