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Tip to preventing fraud orders

Apart from our built in Maxmind fraud detection feature, there's another clever way that might help you actually prevent fraud before being caught out.

For this to work, you must be using the "offline" credit card payment method.

Step 1. Customer makes order with credit card. Order received but not charged yet.
Step 2. Charge a small but random amount to their card
Step 3. Email the customer and tell them to check their statement or call the bank immediately to see what the value of the charge was and tell you.
Step 4. If the amount matches, then the customer clearly has access to the account and therefore is far less likely to be fraudulent. send the items.

This process can be a little annoying for some customers as it's an extra step for them, however the pay back is that you won't lose all that profit you've made from 10 real orders by one single fraudulent order.

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