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Unable to customize a Widget/Section

If you're trying to customize the color of a widget's header or background and its seems that it does not take effect, there's a logical reason.

For some template designs, the color of a widget may have been manually coded to the CSS section. So even if you try to change it from your online theme settings, it is still reading from the CSS codes.

To fix this, you can check by going to Admin Panel -> Design -> Widget Design -> choose active design

Now look for a line pertaining to your section or widget being changed. You should see a color or a dynamic color code that matches the widget name you're editing.

This is one example of code that will over-ride the general controls from your theme editor.


.Section3 [$] .wHeaderOut,
.Section4 [$] .wHeaderOut,
.Section5 [$] .wHeaderOut,
.Section6 [$] .wHeaderOut,
.Section7 [$] .wHeaderOut,
.Section8 [$] .wHeaderOut{
background:#[Color11] !important;

Deleting the whole line with the color setting will allow you to customized the widget from your themes editor directly.

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