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Why don't you offer a one page checkout?

Unfortunately reliable technology for one page checkout is not quite there yet.

Single page checkouts use a code called AJAX which enables database calls to be made without refreshing the page a visitor is on. This means, as the visitor enters data for each step within the checkout page, AJAX confirms the data and uses the information to allow the next options e.g. shipping to open. The problem with AJAX is that it's unreliable. A very high percentage of visitors will experience a checkout hang, thus abandonment of the sale.

There are an increasing number of articles being released online from reputable research companies on One page v's Multi page checkouts. The end result? A well designed multi page checkout will convert better than a one page checkout.

If you're ever told the opposite, it will be from a) a company only providing a one page checkout option, or b) Research derived from a poorly design and optimised multi page checkout v's a well built one page checkout.

Another strong reason not to use a one page checkout is to allow for multi-stage abandonment emails to be sent. This means that abandonment at each stage of the checkout process are done for different reasons, so why not customise the emails sent to your visitor to suit the stage they were at. For example, if a customer abandons at the final payment stage, send then an email with their basket contents and a discount coupon. If they abandon just before shipping, send them a free shipping discount.

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