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Why is my Admin Page running slowly?

Your admin page may be running slowly for several reasons.
  • It may relate to your internet connection or speed which you should speak with your Internet Provider about. It's easiest to check this first by visiting other internet sites
  • Do you have anything uploading or downloading in the background? e.g. computer updates, web albumns, music downloads etc.
  • It may also relate to how optimised your computer is. Cleaning out your browser / cache and optimising your registry may also help.
  • If only your site admin page is running slowly but other webpages are not, then it may be related to the virus protection software you have installed. Some software's are particularly well known for slowing down secure environments such as your admin panel. Try turning off internet protection for a moment and browsing your admin again.
  • The speed may be affected more by a specific task in your admin, e.g. uploading images may vary in time based on the size of the image. Editing a product may take a while due to an extremely large number of category and subcategories which need to lead each time.
If you feel your admin and storefront are particularly slow at this time, feel free to write or contact us on live chat to check further.

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