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How can I add digital products

You can add 'Digital Keys' to the Product Details after you save them (just ensure there is a weight or a price). http://support.ashop.com.au/index.php?type=page&urlcode=982206&title=Digital-Goods

Those digital keys could be digital key numbers that are used to activate or access a file that you hold offsite. Alternatively they could be links to .pdf or .zip files on the server. To upload a file, go to content>pages and select any page on the left. Click on the Image logo (next to the flash button in the menu). On the pop-up click 'Browser Server' and at the top Upload - then upload the selected file. Find the selected file and double click on it. It should add the URL address in the URL field. Take a copy of that address and use that address as one or many of your digital keys.

Run a test using the ashop simulator method to ensure the customer sees it how you want them to see it.

If you want to change the word 'Key' to read something like "Please copy and open: " so that it shows correctly on the payment success page, then go to Settings>Store Settings, Languages, and select English (or the language you have activated). Sort the Default value column by clicking on it (it should be defaulted to alphabetical anyway) then find the word 'Key' - replace that with something like the text above in the value column and save.

Keep in mind that these links are not password protected links. If this is important to you, you could mitigate this by either password protecting items and manually sending your customer a password after they have purchased the product or upload a file with a slightly different name to create a new URL address and replace the digital keys you have listed.

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