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What should I ask my customers if they have a problem with my site or shopping cart / checkout?

We understand that making your customers shopping experience positive is paramount. Drilling down on issues will assist us in identifying issues quickly and solving their problems, so it's worth asking specific questions. Below is a script with the questions incorporated that we may ask you if you come to us with a error:

Our apologies for the errors you are receiving. We do our best to solve the issues you are having quickly. To be able to do this, we need to provide our shopping cart supplier with some detailed information as the issue is often not obvious and hard to identify. Would it be possible to answer the following questions?

1) What time did the problem occur?

2) What browser were you using and what was the version of that browser (e.g. IE8, IE9, Firefox 4, Chrome etc)? 

3) What were you doing the moment before you found a problem (e.g. I had just added product to purchase and the problem occured once I clicked the "checkout" button)?

4) Which button or link did you press (if you did) before you saw the problem and where was the button or link located. Please note there can be more than one button on the site - for example, there are at least three methods to reach the checkout or registration screen (e.g. I clicked the checkout button on the right column of the site, or, I clicked the checkbout button from the view basket page)?

4) What was the nature of the error? If there was an error message, what was it? If there was no error message, what was happening to suggest a problem (e.g. there was no error but a 'thinking image' appeared and didn't go away or the error message said something like 'Too many redirects')?

Thank you for your time, we truly appreciate your help. This will greatly improve your shopping experience in the future as this is the most important thing to us. If we need some further information, do you mind if we contact you back with further questions?

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