Affiliate Marketing

For websites across the globe -- affiliate marketing remains a powerful viral being. It has worked for Amazon,, and Pay Pal to name a few.

Affiliate programs are a powerful tool that lets other Web Sites do the marketing for you. Instead of paying for an ad, like a banner, you pay for performance, resulting in significantly lower, immediately measurable, and predictable customer acquisition costs eliminating any guesswork.

Affiliate marketing programs are partnerships between your online business and independent web site owners who want to host your banners, links, promote your products via e-mail and earn revenue in return.

It is highly profitable to link with super affiliates or partners through newsgroups, forums, or classified ads. It's the common sense approach to exploding your sales via targeted web sites that have top search engine rankings under your keywords. 

Super affiliates are into generating serious sales , which means tripling your sales revenue. It's only inevitable that you will dramatically increase your sales when the owners of high-traffic web sites join your program. 


1. Target The Best Affiliates For Your Program and Reward Them Well. Hordes of affiliates do not always translate into sales. Just because it is famous,'s program may not be right for your business. You will have to tailor your own affiliate program for optimum results. Focus on thousands of sales, not just on thousands of affiliates.

2. 20 Percent of Your Affiliate Network Will Generate 80 Percent of Your Sales. To get as many customers as you can handle, you need to select the best Web Sites. Put yourself in the shoes of the affiliate; What type of payment will make it worth their while? Make a different commission structures for different volume affiliates. Eg. Super affiliates =50% to 60% on sales, General Affiliates 15% to 30% on sales

3. The simplest solution is the best way to profit on your affiliate investment! Make the whole process as simple as possible. Create a targeted, commission sales link that pays the Web Site owner for each product or service their visitor gets at your Web Site. Go where your customers are, and make it easy for them to find you by rewarding your affiliates.

4. Powerful affiliate marketing is all about relationships. Internet marketing may seem impersonal; however, nothing secures a business relationship better than personal interaction. If you treat your affiliates and super affiliates like a robot, don't expect any more or any less. Treat them more like ROIbots. (A return on your investment.) Coaching your affiliates in a personal email is an invaluable way to show your appreciation for your affiliates achievements. In other words, visit your affiliates sites, specify ways they can earn more with you, ask them about your shared customers feedback, and offer contest incentives.

Affiliate Directories

Simply the best way of selling a product you have produced is by starting an affiliate program. It is recommended because if you have enough affiliates, you don't have to spend your own money on advertising anymore. Your affiliates will do it for you.

After this first step, you'll have to announce your affiliate program to the world. By submitting your product to the top affiliate program directories, you'll get qualified affiliates very soon (supposed you have a great product and are offering high commissions...).

As Ashop have to promote our own affiliate program, I had to find a resource which lists the top associate programs. I didn't find very extensive ones, so I decided to create my own list of affiliate program directories. It is a directory of top associate program directories so to speak.

These are the most visited and popular affiliate directories on the web. If you are just looking to do a little to get started, I reccommend registering with these five first to get the best results.

Complete list of affiliate program directories. Last updated : 30/01/2013  (sign up first)

And in case that you're not busy enough, here are even more. This is another updated list of affiliate directories to find affiliate programs to join. If you know of any other good ones, let me know:

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