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Professional advice request

Thank you for submitting your professional advice request, a representative will be calling you shortly to discuss your site. Here are a few common problems we find;

  1. Design - A professional design builds trust with your visitors. If your site looks like it was built overnight, you may have difficulty in converting your visitors to sales.
  2. Product title - Your product titles should closely match what you expect your visitors to search for in search engines. For many retailers this may include the brand name in the title.
  3. Product listing description - The short description doubles as the products description META tag. It should be about two short, clear sentences including the same words as in the title.
  4. The detailed product information - This should be completely unique content which provides as much detail about the product you are selling as possible. Put yourself in your visitors shoes, if this page doesn't answer every possible question they might have, then they probably won't buy from you.
  5. Site title, site description and site keywords - These are the base for your main keywords or keyword phrases. E.g. if your site is about selling kids clothing, then you should have title, description and keywords relating directly to kids clothing, kids wear, childrens clothing etc. They should be very general terms since the actual pages will have the more targeted and specific product keywords. Ask about our SEO kick start package to generate these titles and tags for you.

Although there are many other areas we can help with including shopping engines and affiliate marketing, we hope this has helped with your initial enquiry, feel free to ask about these in more detail when a representative calls you.

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