Blog Advertising

"Blog Advertising" An advertiser ,or site owner, is paying for bloggers to write articles about their services or products with a backlink to the advertisers site on keyword anchor text.

This form of advertising is very strong in terms of building the most powerful type of inbound link to gain search engine rankings for chosen keywords as well as creating a buz about your service or product, called social media marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising costs you if someone clicks on your ad to enter your site, and once that visitor is gone, then that's your expended cost and you can't get another visitor for that fee.

Pay Per View (CPM) advertising fees are calculated on how much you are prepared to spend to have 1000 visitors view your ad... regardless of whether they enter your site. Once again, the problem is that once you have used up your budget, you get no more visitors.

Blog Advertisings Greatest Strength

Blog Advertising can give you high natural search engine rankings. This means that once you have spent the money in getting you to the top position, then that's all you spend, every visitor from then on is completely free and unlimited.

Social media marketing is the newest form of web marketing. It's important to be involved in the Blogosphere because this can create general "chatter" on the web from related sites. This will bring you targeted visitors and help with search engine rankings since Google takes web chatter into account when understanding the popularity of your site to do with certain keywords.

For example, if there's a lot of web chatter about trees on blogs and this chatter often mentions your domain or even links to you then it's only going to help your natural rankings for "trees", but only if your site is optimised for this keyword too.

All blog posts are guaranteed to be about 150 or more words of relevant content with the anchor text as your chosen keyword. This along with the quality and Page Rank of the entire blog is the most powerful type of inbound link and will definitely get your site the best results on all search engines 

Every Post is listed in your admin panel and can be disputed if it does not comply with the terms on which you paid them for. 

In all, we highly recommened PayPerPost advertising as the best form of online advertising. Take a look at a blog advertising site call to help you on your way to the top.


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