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How do I link to a content page?

Each page is system generated with randomly generated numbers within the URL address, so it is not possible to guess a URL address apart from the home page.

To check the URL link to a content page (or any other category, brand page, etc), go to Design>Widget Layouts (Select the Active Layout), and select either the right or left column. Click on 'Add a new widget...' towards the top center and select Custom Menu . Within the Custom Menu widget, under Content, Menu Items Type,  select the type of page (e.g. content pages) who's link you wish to see from the left and drag to the right under menu items to make it active for the moment, add the widget and save the layout screen.

Go to the storefront via clicking on the "go to store mode" item on the top right hand side, and find the content page you wish to link to by looking at the widget you have just created and clicking on the appropriate link. Once you are on the page, look in the address bar of your browser and copy the entire address you see there after the .com (or .net etc, depending on your setup) . It will probably start with " /  " if it is not the homepage. Then use this in your admin panel to create a link to that page in the WYSIWYG editor.

Then go back into widget Layouts on the left column and make that custom menu widget inactive and save to remove the widget from the column.

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