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How to setup Paypal as a payment method?

The setup is really simple from our side. Simply go to Settings -> Payment methods, click on "Add New Payment Method" button in the left top corner of the page. Then select "Paypal Standard" or "Paypal Express checkout" from the "Payment Method" drop down list. Set t title for your payment option in the "Method Title" field. You can customize the messages showed to your customers below that. An on the very bottom of the page, there is a field for your paypal email.

If you're not sure what there difference between those two is, please have a look here.

Once you're done you will need to add some settings on your Paypal account. Namely:

Grant your API authentication permission:

Log in to your paypal account and go to Profile -> More Options -> my selling Tools on the left hand side. Under "Selling online" click "update" on the "API access" line. Click on "Grant API permission" under option 1 and paste "support_api1.ashop.com.au" in the 'Third Party Permission Username' field. Check 'Use Express Checkout to process payments' check box. Click the Add button.

Note: You may check additional boxes, however be aware that some functionality may not be available on or related to your checkout process.

Set up IPN (instant payment Notification) from PayPal website:

Log in to your paypal account and follow the link below.


Once the page opens, paste the following line in the "Notification URL" field.


Check the radio button titled "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)" and save.

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