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I am not receiving forwarded emails from my ashop account

Forwarding from your Ashop email account to other email providers is an unstable solution. A cleaner and more reliable solution is to set up the third party provider to download your emails as a POP account. Forwarded emails are more likely to be blocked if a provider sees a number of them (especially similar ones) coming from a single server. Also, if an email is blocked and not forwarded, you will not receive a bounce message on those emails, so the risk is much higher. You can see how to set up POP3 on the most popular programme here:

Setting Up an email account using Outlook

Another alternative is to set up Google as the POP account. Here are their instructions. 

Some email providers and ISP's view forwarded emails as more likely to be spam than other types of emails and it is not possible to manage all of their requirements on all occasions.

We recommend that you don't use forwarding on your emails. If you do use forwarding and your receiving email address is not receiving your email, please contact the provider of the email address that is blocking it to determine why they are blocking it and ask them to remove the block. If this doesn't work, ask for all the relevant information on their setup and forward to us at asupport@ashop.com.au, however, we can't guarantee that we can accommodate all requests.

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