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How do I export extensive customer details

You can download customer details such as address and email by going to Tools>Order Export and click on New Export. 

The fields are as follows: 

Output Format: You can then choose to download to Excel for example, by selecting XLS
Feed Title: Give a name for this download / Feed.
Order Status: If you want all customers, select all
Payment Status: If you want all customers (even ones that failed), select all
Data Range: You can select a date range
Separator: This is how the data is divided if you use the TXT or XML options (just leave as is for xls)
Add New Value: Use this area to select the various fields you want (e.g.S Address, SCity etc)

Save and in the grid click on the download file link next to the one you have just created. Select your domain name and click on the button, "Download Data Feed".

Please note, there are strict laws against unsolicited marking material being sent across the world, so if your intent is to use this for marketing material note that these customer have not necessarily agreed to marketing material or contact being made (the rule of thumb is that unless they asked to be contacted, they don't want to be contacted).

You should check the relevant customers have consented to contact against your customer database which can be downloaded under Tools>Database Import / Export.

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