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How do I upload a customer database using Excel?

To upload the customer database, you first need to download the database under Tools>Database Import/Export, Export MS Excel File from Store (Excel, -database- Customers), Click to Download Selected Excel File and then, using that spreadsheet, enter in the customer details using the Database Update Tips noted below.

We would recommend uploading a couple of customers first, waiting for it to complete (see under Recent Imports log: and make sure it is completed and not processing) and re-download it to see that it looks ok. Then do the full database (or bits of it if that makes you feel more comfortable):

Database Update Tips:

1. Do not change the names of tables or tiles!

2. When entering a new record, ensure the first column CustomerID must be blank. Do not enter a made up number.

3. Never import any databases successively. i.e. don't upload the same or different databases directly after one another. Some databases control the same data and you will overwrite or duplicate content. Always download a fresh one and work on that.

4. Visibility options for some columns are as follows;
Yes to Newsletter = 1
Is a B2BCustomer (note, you don't have this activated on your package) = 1
Make Deleted = 0
Discount = percentage discount for this customer only
New Password = The password you would like to give the customer.

5. When you Save the database to reupload it, do not change the filename (e.g. Customer_0_20000827000000.xls ) of the database or the file format (it should remain in the format Excel 97-2003)

6. To delete a customer, please do this from the admin or fill the 'delete' column available on the spreadsheet. Deleting rows wont delete that file from the live database. 

Note: All database exports are automatically stored as backups in your 'files' folder of your images and files gallery. You can find this by clicking on the images icon of any rich text editor (e.g. content pages), then clicking the 'browse' button.

Further troubleshooting can be found here: http://helpconsole.ashop.com.au/display/HC/Troubleshooting+Database+Imports

Once this is done, you can upload the saved Excel (97-2003) document to Tools>Database Import/Export, Import MS Excel File to store. (Excel, -database- Customers) Click to Upload Your Excel File. Wait for the Recent Imports log to show that it is completed.

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