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Detailed Bug Reporting - Using Firebug

If you notice a problem on your site, gathering as much information as you can will be extremely helpful in finding a resolution. Our process is to try to reproduce the error you are seeing so that we can identify the components of the problem clearly. With that in mind, you can always provide us with the following (and any images of the errors you are seeing):

Instructions for Detailed checking via Firebug.

Using Mozilla Firefox, download Firebug from http://getfirebug.com/ . You will need to restart firefox after it installs.
Go to tools>firebug>open firebug in new window.
Go to the NET tab at the top right and make sure it is activated. Also make sure the console tab is activated.
Any time you use the store to act like a customer, or go into the administation panel, make sure you open Firebug in a new window while working on your site.

If you experience errors, in Firebug;

1) Go to Console, and see if you can see anything under the Errors panel below the top menu. Expand this out and copy any errors to a word / text document for example.
2) Go to Net and the All panel and see if you can see any errors there. Expand the error out and copy the Headers, Response and Cache into a word / text document.
3) Go to http://www.whatsmyip.org/ and let us know your IP address.

Paste the above into a word / text document and send to us with a discription of what had happened for you based on:

1) What date and time did the problem occur and where are you located ( i.e. 3rd November 2011, 14:00, Sydney AUS )?

2) What browser were you using and what was the version of that browser (e.g. IE8, IE9, Firefox 4, Chrome etc)? 

3) What were you doing the moment before you found a problem (e.g. I had just added product to purchase and the problem occured once I clicked the "checkout" button)?

4) Which button or link did you press (if you did) before you saw the problem and where was the button or link located. Please note there can be more than one button on the site - for example, there are at least three methods to reach the checkout or registration screen (e.g. I clicked the checkout button on the right column of the site, or, I clicked the checkbout button from the view basket page)?

4) What was the nature of the error? If there was an error message, what was it? If there was no error message, what was happening to suggest a problem (e.g. there was no error but a 'thinking image' appeared and didn't go away or the error message said something like 'Too many redirects')?

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