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Real-Time Shipping Calculation Options

Real-time shipping calculations are when the weight of a product and the destination of the order is used to calculate postage price which is automatically added to an order just before payment. This means data is fed directly from shipping companies to provide their pricing and charged to a customer when they place an order in your checkout, no need to create your own shipping methods or charge separately for shipping anymore.


Not all real time shipping options work from all countries. E.g. Fedex from AU to China may not present a price. Please test before allowing real orders to desired locations.

From the Grid

Select which method(s) of real time shipping calculation you will allow in your store by ticking the checkboxes next to each method title. 
Note: These will only work if you have given your products a weight value and your shipping origin and allowed countries section is complete. Without these you will get checkout errors as there is nothing to calculate.


Australia Post real-time shipping calculation does not calculate over 20KG, so the maximum shipping charge will always be equivelant to 20KG and no more. If your orders may weigh over 20KG then we suggest using an alternative shipping method so you are not left out of pocket on some larger orders.

Apply To

This option is only available if you have the B2B module activated. Please contact a support representative to have it enabled instantly.
Select from the drop down menu whether you would like All customers, only B2C customers or only B2B customers use this shipping method. 
A Great tool if you wish to display different shipping methods to your normal customers and your wholesale customers.

Free Shipping & For Orders Above

Tick the checkbox to enable free shipping for orders above a specific value. For each ticked shipping method, the next column (For Orders Above) is enabled, this is where you enter a value for which an order needs to be above if the customer is to receive free shipping.
This shipping method then displays as FREE to the customer when the shipping options are displayed.

Real-Time calculations


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 Creating shipping methods


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