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Custom Shipping Calculation Options

You have the choice of creating Domestic and International Shipping. First select the "New" button from the top of the page.

Method Type 

From the drop down menu, select either domestic or international as this custom shipping method. The main difference between the two options is whether states or countries are displayed as options below.

Method Title 

This is the title which will show as an option for the customer to select when in the checkout.


Tick the checkbox to enable this shipping method. It will be active to display to customers in the checkout.


Provide a more detailed understanding of this method. You might include expected shipping time or a weight limit.

Tracking URL

Provide the full tracking URL to your customers for each shipping option. e.g. http://www.usps.com/shipping/trackandconfirm.htm. Customers will see this address on the shipped confirmation email and be able to see the progress of their item being shipped.

Apply To

This option is only available if you have the B2B module activated. Please contact a support representative to have it enabled instantly.
Select from the drop down menu whether you would like All customers, only B2C customers or only B2B customers use this shipping method. 
A Great tool if you wish to display different shipping methods to your normal customers and your wholesale customers.

Shipping By

Custom shipping can be set to provide different prices depending on location. You can select 'countries' for international shipping, you can select both 'states' and 'post codes' for domestic shipping calculations.

State and Country options are created in the same way (See screenshot example below "State/Country Custom Shipping Calculations") whereas, postcode based shipping requires the manual entry of post code ranges (See screenshow below "Post Code Custom Shipping Calculations")



Post code entry rule: No single post codes. This means if you have a single post code like 2054, then it must be entered as 2054-2054. This is to prevent copying and pasting a long list which could otherwise have been entered as a shorter range. Less post codes means faster calculations. See screenshot for example.

When a postcode is NOT entered to the shipping method settings. The shipping method will not display as an option on the checkout if that is the customers post code in their address field. If a post code is entered twice to the shipping method settings, both shipping options will display at checkout.

Calculation Method

Select from the drop down, which method of shipping calculation you will use.

  • Flat Shipping Amount – Only one shipping cost applies
  • By Basket amount – will allow you to set a shipping price according to the purchase amount in your store. You may like to select a few different price ranges, e.g. 0 up to 100 and 101 up to 300 and charge shipping accordingly.
  • By Basket Weight – will allow you to charge shipping based on the weight range of the purchased products.  
  • Shipping Cost On Delivery – will leave the shipping fee to be paid on the delivery of the item. It will not be charged through your store. This is also useful for mentioning any kind of shipping fees after the customer has purchased the product. E.g. Custom shipping quote call for info… 

Create Free Shipping Options

You can use this tip to give free shipping to customers ordering over a certain purchase value. First select to edit the custom shipping method you would like to add free shipping to. Simply enter the starting value and the end value with a shipping cost of 0. e.g. $0 to $100 = $10 shipping, $101 to $9999 = $0 shipping. This means that orders over $100 give free shipping. 

State/Country Custom Shipping Calculations

Post Code Custom Shipping Calculations



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