Home & Content Page Edit Structure

The Splash, Home & Content Page Edit Structure is managed via the tree on the left menu panel. It will display all of your available content pages as well as your chosen home page and splash page so you can easily select to edit their information.

New pages can be added by clicking the "New" button at the top of the page.

The right hand panel will display the settings and content for each page selected from the left panel or when you are adding a new page.

Home page and Splash page management

This of a splash page simply as a content page but without the menus or design that your store has on all other pages. It only shows the content that you enter to that page. Splash pages can firstly be used as an entry point to your store, or possibly as a separate marketing, landing or image gallery page.

Here are a couple of rules to help understand how to set your home page and splash pages.

  • If you set a content page as both homepage and splash page, you must manually link to your internal pages e.g product listing, other information pages etc. This is because you will now have a landing page with no system generated menus, headers, footers (widgets). The only way for visitors to enter your site is if you link to internal pages manually.
  • If you set a content page as a splash page only, a visitor would be first landing on your splash page and then your manual links will send them to a secondary internal page which includes all menus and widgets (if selected).

Note, the order on the custom pages on the left column cannot be dragged, dropped and retained here. If you want your pages to show in a specific order in a menu, please use the Custom Menu widget to place the page link in the specific order you require.

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