Add New or Edit Content & Home Page

The Splash, Home & Content Page Edit Structure is managed via the tree on the left menu panel. It will display all of your available content pages as well as your chosen home page and splash page so you can easily select to edit their information.

New pages can be added by clicking the "New" button at the top of the page. The right hand panel will display the settings and content for each page selected from the left panel or when you are adding a new page.



Type your page title in the first field. This will be the name customers click on the view the page, it will also form part of the page URL. 

Set as Home Page

This is a simple check box to make this content page your home page. Only one content page can be ticked at a time as there is only one home page.

Set as Splash Page

To have your home page as a splash page with no header, footer or side columns, you can tick the "Set as Splash Page" checkbox. This means you will need to rely on setting links manually to either your home page or other internal site pages. This may include an "enter site" link or just a group of feature products as home page specials. (see rich text editor functions for creating hyperlinks)

Members Only

When the members only box is ticked, only logged in customers will be able to see this page. Note that it will show as a custom page if you have the Content Pages Menu Widget activated, but, when clicked, will direct visitors to the members login page.


This allows the content page to be online or offline in your storefront. An offline content page can still be viewed if you have the direct page address/URL.

Make it visible to

If you have the B2B function enabled, you can select which group of customers you want to display this page to. All others will not be able to view this page.

Page Content

This is the actual page content your customer will see. Your theme for content pages will automatically appear around this content.

You can use the following elements to propagate fields in your content page (this is particularly relevant for 'Members Only' pages):



Meta Tags

Description Tag

This an optional field allowing you to give this individual page a 'Meta' description. If left blank it will automatically use the site's description which you can enter under the settings menu in "store settings". This can be useful for search engine optimisation as you can tailor a page description to it's specific content as oppose to the site wide content. Optimal length is 160 characters.


This is an optional field allowing you to give this individual page 'Meta' keywords. Any keywords entered here should be specific for this page, there is no need to repeat any keywords used in the site wide 'Meta' keyword list which is located in your store settings page. Keywords should be separated by a comma e.g. shopping, ecommerce, buy.

Storefront Page URL

This is the storefront URL of your content page. If you add this to the end of your domain name, it will send you to the actual content page on your storefront that a customer would see. THIS IS NOT EDITABLE, this is only for convenience purposes when adding hyperlinks etc.

Question and Answers

How can I see particular content page’s url?
A) You will need to go to your storefront via your correct domain name and find the content page you wish to link to. Once you are on the page, look in the address bar of your browser and copy the entire address you see there. Then use this in your admin panel to creat a link to that page. See tutorial movies on creating hyperlinks to see how.

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