Product Listing Section

Edit Display Style

Manages a range of options to change the display of product thumbnails in category pages. Each option may be better suited to the number of products per row you have chosen to display.

Products Per Row

(Moved to product listing designer for more flexibility) Selects the number of products you want to display per row on your category pages. The less thumbnails you have per row, the more rows you can have. This is because there is an overall limit to the number of links you should have on a page for SEO purposes.

Number of Rows 

Controls how many rows of product thumbnails you will display on each category page.

Category, Brand and Product Thumbnail Size 

Controls the size of your category, brand and product thumbnail images in predefined dimensions categorized as Small, Medium, Large or Custom. When you select "Custom" The next two fields will be enabled to set your custom dimensions.

Thumbnail Width 

If you have selected to use "Custom" dimensions from the above size options, you can set the maximum width that your thumbnail image should display at.

Thumbnail Height 

If you have selected to use "Custom" dimensions from the above size options, you can set the maximum height that your thumbnail image should display at.

Sort Products By 

Manages the default sort order your products will list by. Visitors in your storefront also have a control to change the sort order to suit their requirements too. e.g. If you list by Title, the visitor can change to list from A to Z or Z to A.

Crop Thumbnails

This squares up your product image thumbnails so they are consistent.


Each theme has different display elements such as "show title", "show our price" etc as listed below. All design elements can be found in the CSS file of the PRODUCTS LISTING DESIGN EDITOR. As you add an element to the CSS file, it will also add it as a checkbox item in the themes editor PRODUCT LISTING SECTION. Below is the full list of elements which may or may not appear in each theme.

Use Add To Cart Image

A ticked checkbox displays the Product add to cart and quantity box on the thumbnail listings.


Product Listing Section

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