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Troubleshooting Database Imports

If you have followed the database importing rules and tips but still have problems uploading, here are some rules to follow and solutions.


Never upload a second database directly after the first. Some data cross over between different databases and may overwrite what you have changed intentionally.
e.g. Stock databases contain some of the same data as the variant and product databases. 
Please ensure you always download a fresh database after importing a recent one, regardless of the database type. 

1. Do not use formatting for calculations or extra characters in fields such as $ symbol in price, this will cause errors on uploading. i.e. Do not stray from the standard formatting that the default database provides.

2. Do not simply copy from other databases into this database, this will often carry odd characters or formatting and will cause errors when uploading. You MUST enter records manually into your spreadsheet or possibly place into notepad before copying into the database, however, be aware of coding from other websites. As an alternative, if these are simple texts, you can often copy all cells for a column and paste within your Ashop database column, being careful not to change the column title.

3. If you are transferring data from another database, you need to download from this store first and then transfer the data over from your other database manually. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE DATA ACROSS UNLESS YOU ARE SURE IT'S CLEAN FROM FORMATTING. Use Notepad to clear formatting if required.

4. Do not change the names or formatting of any rows or columns 


If all else fails, export a fresh copy from your store and edit that one. You can also do a test upload before you edit the database to check if the errors are caused by the system or by your changes.


When importing the customers database. You must input a customer password or the new customer will not import. Leave the customer ID field empty.

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