Exporting Using CSV

Step 1. Select from the dropdown menu, 'What do you want to do" and select "I want to download my store data to my computer". The choose the data you want to download. i.e. Brands, Categories, Products, Customers, Pages, Variants, Stock, Subscribers, Redirects or Orders.


Database/Upload CSV Database

Step 2. Click the download button

Step 3. Go to Import / Export History on the left under Tools and click. On the far right click on Download. The file will be downloaded to your computer.


Database Import / Export History



Please view the Database Import page to detail on editing spreadsheets


On spreadsheets, True = Online, False = Offline

All database exports are automatically stored as backups in your "files" folder of your images and files gallery. You can find this by clicking on the images icon of any rich text editor (e.g. content pages), then clicking the "browse" button.


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