Bulk Database Import/Export

The bulk database import and export tool is designed to help speed up changes to any product, brand, category and customer change required in your store.
It is also used for uploading brand new data to your store. Some merchants have thousands of products when they sign up, this would typically take months to upload via the store admin. By using the bulk import tool, you can more easily add data to our spreadsheet and directly upload thousands of new products, customers and categories all at once.

There are two defined options to this function.
1) To download your database to your local computer,
2) To upload your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to your store admin console.

Bulk Import/Export format:

  • *.CSV - A common and simple file format understood by most softwares. CSV files are often used for moving tabular data between two different computer programs, for example between a database program and a spreadsheet program.

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