Let's Go Live Check List

Domain Name Delegation/Pointing

If you have not pointed your DNS to your store already, please take the following steps:

1. Log in to your Domain Registrar
2. Find your Domain name to point
3. Edit your DNS/Nameserver settings


 You should only need to enter the nameservers. The DNS settings take effect within a few hours, When your DNS is successfully changed (you can see this by typing in your domain name and seeing if it locates your new site), your email will begin working. If you are transferring from another host who managed your email, be sure to download all email to your computer first, as they will dissapear on transfer.

If you have a subdomain or you would like to manage your emails from a different host with your main domain, you will need to create a cname from your current hosting provider.

The Ashop Commerce CNAME is store.shop033.com

Once this cname has been created for either your main domain or subdomain, please let our staff know and we will set up our end as well.


Spider your site to make sure there are no alternate domain names

Use this tool (click here) to analyse the links within your site to make sure no alternate domain addresses have been used to hyperlink within your store. i.e. Your GO TO STORE MODE domain looks something like this http://stcp112322-336.shop033...... If this links is used then it will also show up in Google eventually, you need to change it to your proper domain name link like thishttp://www.yourdomain.com/c/222/nokia-phone....... This will ensure your entire site is indexed correctly by the search engines. 

Check your processing of payments through a selected Gateway/Merchant Account

In order to accept credit card payments online, you are required to apply for a merchant account.

Check collecting of payment information for processing manually

You can setup Payment Options for Checks, C.O.D., Money order, Offline credit card etc.

Specify the types of credit cards your store accepts

You will need to consult with your credit card processing company for this information. Place the information in your payment option title which will display to the customer in the checkout.

Set up Shipping Options

The Shipping Manager allows you to set up real-time and custom shipping rules.

Create Company Policy Pages

Provide the best customer service by listing your Refund, Shipping, and Privacy policies on your site.

Checkout Test

Place a test order on your site to ensure that your checkout process, various shipping methods and payment types are enabled and functioning on the site.

Specify where Order Alerts should be emailed to

The system can be set so that you are notified when an order is placed on your site.

Specify site wide settings that your store will use

Verify all settings to be used for your site from the settings menu in your admin.

Set up company email accounts

Add email accounts from the admin panel under the main menu "Settings" and the submenu "Email and Domain".

Translate and Localize your website with 'Localizer pluggin

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