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Google Analytics and conversion tracking code

Follow these steps to correctly place the Google Analytics and conversion code to your Ashop Commerce store. This will track visitors and sales through the checkout stages all the way to the result page, including Adwords referred sales.

Step 1. Setting Up Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics account, go to settings and note the Property ID of your website.  

Step 2. Setting Up Goal Tracking for Sales 

From the Google Analytic's profile settings page, scroll to see the goal settings section and create a new goal. Write down a name for your goal, and select "URL Destination" for the Goal Type. 

You will need to enter the 3 URL steps of your checkout to enable tracking through the whole process of a sale.
  1. /signin.aspx    "login"
  2. /checkout.aspx?    "address entry"
  3. /checkout.aspx?step=2   "payment page of checkout"

Save your goal settings.

Step 3. Setting Up Your Tracking on your Online Store

Go to your Store Admin / Settings / Store Settings  and click on the Google Analytics tab in the left column.

1. Enter your Client ID. 
2. Enter your Client Secret 
3. Press "Apply Settings " for Ashop to access your Google Analytics data. Ashop will provide your analytics data in your admin. 
4. Save Changes

Congratulations! Your Google Analytics Tracking is set!

Step 4. Tracking and Additional Steps

You have now completed the set up. You can now track all your website activity through Google Analytics, including your first Goal; tracking the number of sales. Google Analytics data has a 24 hour processing time. In your reports section you will only be able to see your statistics up to the previous day.

If you advertise using Google Adwords you can also opt-in to transfer Google Adwords cost data to your Google  Analytcis account. By doing this you can analyse the traffic generated through your Google Adwords data in Google Analytics. In order to setup please refer to the Google Support document (http://support.google.com/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&;;answer=55507).

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