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Free Web Promotion Tools - Keyword Tools

Keyword Suggestion Tool

This tool allows you to find related keyword search terms to be used in your marketing strategy. Not sure what terms to bid on? Not sure what terms to optimize for? It is crucial to target the best phrases in terms of traffic and competitive nature when marketing your site online. Research a variety of search terms related to your site, including how many times they were searched upon in the previous month.
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Keyword Density Analyzer

Use this tool to determine the optimum keyword density percentage for any given search engine. Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword or keyword phrases to the total number of words, or depth of a page. Keyword density is a critical factor of search engine optimization and to rank at the most optimal level, your keyword density must not be too high or too low. If at all possible try keeping the ratio close to 2-8%, although each search engine varies.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

A search engine spider is software that crawls around the web and reads web pages. These spiders then take that information to their home base, the database or index, to be included in search engine listings. It is important to know exactly what a search engine spiders sees when crawling your web site. This tool displays the text and links that a search engine spider would see when it crawls a page.

 See through the eyes of a spider: What a search engine sees when it reads your site. 

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