Setup Check List

The following checklist will help in the creation of your store. Each step is in order of necessity and will make the set up faster and easier. Also, some facets of the software may not work if others are not completed for example, shipping will not work if there are no weights in your products and your checkout will not work without a payment method set up.

You will find the basic steps below to setup your online store. This is a brief overview to help you understand the startup concept and order of importance. Follow these steps to prevent mistakes and save time.

1- Major Settings

  • Store Settings - Go through all the fields on store settings. You can select the currency, unit of weight, SEO formats and display texts from here.
  • Shipping Origin - Select your shipping origin and check your post code. This will affect your shipping calculations.
  • Tax Settings (optional) - For adding a tax surcharge at the checkout create tax percentages.
  • Payment Methods - Create payment method(s) accepted within your store. You can set payment options as your last task just before trading.
  • Shipping Methods - Select and/or customize the shipping method(s) supported by your store. ie. realtime shipping calculations or custom shipping calculations.
  • SMS Options (optional) - Enter mobile number you would like to receive order alerts on.

2- Inventory Settings

  • Brands (optional) - Enter all brands used within your store to categorize products.
  • Quantity Discount Templates (optional) - Create all possible quantity discount options you will use for products within your store. This will make it fast to import quantity discounts to use for each product when you build your inventory list.
  • Variant Templates (optional) - Create all possible variants for every product within your store. ie size, color, gift wrapping etc.
  • Categories - Create the category structure of your store. Add main categories, then sub-categories. You need to do this before you add products so you know where to place your products.
  • Products - Start uploading your products

3- Design and Layout Settings

  • Header & Footer Editor - Insert your logo or custom designed header and footer. Use text or images.
  • Theme Editor - Design your store from scratch with custom graphics or select a pre-created "Theme" including layouts, buttons, colours, fonts &
    background images etc.
  • Widget Layouts - Edit which widgets you want to go where. Widgets can be placed into up to 10 different sections and in different orders. They can also change depending on whether the visitor views a system page, a content page, a product page, a category page or a home page.

4- Content

  • Content Pages (optional) - Add content pages, including your home page content.

* For detailed instructions please read the rest of this user manual or watch tutorial movies. You will find these links at the top of your admin panel as well.

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