Domain Name

A domain name can be purchased from any domain registry in the world. Be sure to use the nameservers provided in the Domain page of your admin to divert your domain name to your new store.

* You need to log into your account admin panel with the registry where you bought your domain name from. Now find the section to change the Domain name servers (DNS) and replace the current ones with the one in your admin panel:

Questions and Answers

 How many domain names can I add to my store?
A) You can point as many domains as you like to your store. Be careful about adding many domains that you intend to add to search engines though as this will lower all of their rankings on average. It is best to delegate a main domain and 301 redirect all others to your main one.

Q) I already have my domain name, How can I point it to my shop? 
A) You will need to go to the registry where you purchased your domain name froma nd log into your admin panel there. Look for the section on DNS or nameservers or manage domains. From there you need to change the name servers as shown above.

Q) Will domain name be active as soon as I register?
A) The pointing or delegating of a domain name generally takes a few hours up to a maximum of 48 hours to complete. Keep checking it's progress by typing your domain name into a web browser to see if it's working yet.

Q) Are you actually hosting my store/ domain name? Where are the servers?
A) Our servers are located in the US which provides the fastest central location and uses a content delivery network to delivery data locally. When you delegate your domain name to us, it means we are hsoting your domain and we can provide your email accounts.

Q) Is the location of servers anything to do with search engines rankings?
A) This is a common missconception generated and grown by the public. There is no truth to this, it has been researched and fully tested numerous times over many years of working with SEO experts. Rest assured your rankings will not be affected by the location of servers with any company. Examples of what does effect local search is your domain extension and location of sites linking to your site.

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