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Merchant Accounts and Third Party Payment Processors

Merchant accounts from banks and third party payment processors can easily be integrated with your store. Online Merchant Accounts are recommended to have as real time payment processing will greatly lessen you admin responsibilities. We do, however, allow you to accept all forms of payment to your store.

 Questions and Answers

Q) What is difference between merchant accounts and third party payment?
A) A merchant account typically needs to be set up and purchased through a bank or a merchant provider is some countries, they integrate with gateway providers and not directly with shipping carts. 
Third party processors like PayPal and WorldPay are stand alone companies able to process your transactions without a merchant account or a gateway. They directly integrate with your shopping cart. They are a little more expensive than a merchant account but it also means you do not need to use a gateway as well.

Q) What is offline payment processing (No longer available)?
A) This was processing a credit card transaction manually through either an EFTPOS terminal or an online payment page with a bank. We could send card information securely to your admin panel for your processing and then delete the information once you're done.

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