Questions Grid Page

The Questions list page is the first landing page when you enter the Questions section in your admin. It displays a grid type layout with columns to easily list all your product questions by the product title.

You can further filter the questions by clicking the "Offline Questions", "Active Questions" or "All Questions" links in the left panel. The right panel will then only display questions that are either online and viewable or offline on your storefront.

Questions Grid


Click on the product title to see the question that has been made for that product. It will open a new pop up box displaying the question along with an answer field.

Product Code

This may help you more accurately understand which product the question is on.

Time Created

Displays the exact time and date that this question was created by your visitor.

Is Answered?

This will display whether the questions was answered or not.


A green 'online' button means that the question and answer is online, a grey 'offline' button means the question will not appear on your storefront. You can click the button to change it's status, then save.


Shows a preview of the question your visitor has asked.

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