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Creating and editing Regular Campaigns

A Regular Campaign is a standard newsletter that you can send now or set a scheduler on to send at a later date. E.g. Create your June newsletter and schedule it to send on June 15th.

Campaign Title

This is the reference name you have given each newsletter. Recipients will not see this name.

From Name

This is the display name that will appear to recipients when they view your newsletter from their inbox.

Reply Email

Enter your email address that you want any replies delivered to. This will also display to recipients.

Recipient List

Choose the list type available from the left column.

Automatically Post To

  1. Twitter - Posts the campaign subject line and web URL to your Twitter account. Twitter account settings are located in your store settings under "Social Media".
  2. Facebook - Posts the campaign subject line and web URL to your Facebook account. Facebook account settings are located in your store settings under "Social Media".
  3.  - Posts the campaign subject and full content to a new blog post in your site.



The contents of this field will appear in the subject line of the recipients email. It will also be used for posts to Twitter and Facebook if selected.

Message Body  

This section is used to create the actual newsletter which will appear to the recipients of your mailing list selected.

The address area includes a [Name|there]. If the name exists, it will place the name of the person in the email that is sent. If a name does not exist, it will place the fallback option of 'there' instead

This section uses the WYSIWYG editor allowing 100% customisation. However you must upload all your images to this newsletter if it is to send correctly. You cannot simply copy and paste to this editor.


This will save your newsletter campaign as a draft. You can access it at any time from the Newsletter campaign grid.

Send Test Email

Here you can send a test email to a nominated account. Remember, email programmes particularily Outlook, often have inbuilt protections to remove things like images and html, so if you don't see your email exactly as you like it the first time around, be sure to test other platforms, such as hotmail, google mail or Smartermail (in HTML mode).


This button, when pressed, will open another lightbox with the option to " Send Now or to " Schedule to Send" the selected newsletter at a specified date and time to the selected mailing list. This may takesome hours to send as they are placed in a queue including all newsletters sent. They are sent periodically as to not be picked up as spam. If you have activated the scheduler, the "send now" button will still send the campaign right now.

 With spam issues becoming increasingly important, please ensure your newsletters are only sent to customers who have elected to receive your newsletter manually by themselves only. Do not send emails to recipients who have not subscribed to your list.  

Ashop have included an unsubscribe feature which automatically populates to the footer of your newsletters giving your customer the option to stop any future newsletters from being sent. This will remove them from your list automatically. 

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