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Browse and Create Newsletter Campaigns

The newsletter manager allows you to create as many newsletters as you like. 

All previously sent newsletters will remain on the grid list, where you can see their sending summary data. e.g. sent time, emails sent etc.

Create a new campaign

Use the green 'New' menu button at the top of the grid to create a campaign.


Campaign Title

This is the reference name you have given each newsletter. It will not be visible to your recipients.


The status column can display different data depending on whether your campaign is regular or automated.

  1. Draft - An unsent newsletter (saved)
  2. Completed - A sent newsletter
  3. Scheduled - A newsletter with a scheduled send date set in the future.


Displays the recipient list selected to send to.

Send Date

This displays both the scheduled date for future sending, OR, the date that a campaign was actually sent.

Newsletter Management

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