Google verification code

What is Google verification code?

Google verification code is an option for verifying site/domain ownership . This method requires that you place a specific <meta> tag in the source code of your shopping cart.

How do I use Google verification code with my store?

Please log into your Google webmaster account by Clicking Here and select the additional options then choose the "HTML tag" option to verify your account. Verification can only be done for a top level domain (not subdomain) that is hosted on the same server as your store, so please ensure your exact domain is hosted with us.

You will be given an option of how you wish to verify your site be sure to choose additional options then select "HTML tag"

When the code appears below, copy only the highlighted section, then go to your admin panel in AShop and go to  Settings > Store Settings > SEO Settings. Paste the highlighted code to the Google Verification Code section

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="ly-B1pXZHcktfxzsDJlB64D5VLeCCqfXxoY8zL8_ohQ" />

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