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What timeline should I follow for making my store active?

When would you like your store to be active?

1) Within a week:

You should organize the following things immediately:

  1. Domain registration with a Domain Registration organization, like www.paylessdomains.com.au unless you already have a Domain set up. We can host your Domain for you, or if you already have it hosted you can make a few simple changes or we can help you make them also, to make your domain work with ashop.
  2. Merchant facilities with banks / payment gateways like Paypal;
  3. Shipping Methods - Determine and organize which shipping methods you would like to use for your store then customize the shipping method(s) supported by your store. ie. realtime shipping calculations or custom shipping calculations.
  4. Then work through the Shopping Cart Checkout List using the Help Menu and Tutorial Movies to guide you.

For Starting Out Wizard, please click here for detailed process

2) In more than a week:

For Starting Out Wizard, please  click here for detailed process

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