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Setting Up Google Checkout

This article shows  how to configure Ashop for use with Google Checkout. There are several steps to this process as well as a few notifications regarding online shipping you will need to be aware of when implementing Google Checkout for your online store. Please read this article in its entirety before proceeding.

Getting Started

To setup Google Checkout:

  1. Go to http://checkout.google.com/sell and register for a Google Checkout account as described on the screen.
  2. When you have created an account, click on the Settings tab. 
  3. Click on Integration in the left column. The integrations settings page is displayed. 
  4. Check the My company will only post digitally signed carts option under Shopping cart post security
  5. In the box marked, API Callback URL text box, enter: https://secure.shop033.com/GoogleCallBack.aspx 
  6. From the Callback Contents list that now appears, select Notification as XML
  7. Select Version 2.2 from the API Version section. 
  8. Make a note of the Merchant ID and Merchant Key that are displayed under Account Information. 
  9. Log in to the Ashop Admin Panel, click on Settings > Payment Methods 
  10. Click on Add a new payment method, choose Google Checkout
  11. Next, enter the Merchant ID and Merchant Key obtained from the Google Checkout account. 
  12. Choose Live and True for the next two boxes & save 


After Configuring Google Checkout With Ashop

1. Go to your Google Merchants Account Dashboard click on settings
2. Click on Tax & shipping
3. Setup your tax and shipping as you have them in Ashop admin panel & save

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