Add New or Edit Post

By clicking on the title of a post or by clicking the "New Post" button, a new pop up will appear with all editable post fields.


The Post title will appear in bold at the top of each post, it will also form part of the page URL.


Tags are a way to group usefull posts together. Start typing general words that relate to the article for suggestions.


This picture will show based on the layout selected in the settings area.

Show image only on listing

This means that the image will only show on the listing of all your blog posts rather than using the format set out in the blog posting details set in the settings area.


This is where the actual post content is written. You are provided with a WYSIWYG EDITOR - Rich Text Editor (See Understanding Major Components menu') to enter your text, images, flash, tables and so much more. It is 100% customisable so you have freedom to create anything you like in your posts.

Meta Tags

The meta description is for SEO purposes and cannot be seen on your storefront blog. It should be up to 220 characters in length.

Edit Post


Press the Publish Button to publish the blog based on two options. Publish Now means it will be published on your blog immediately, and Schedule to Publish means it will be published on your blog on the date and time you specify.

Blog Publish Confirmation

Save As Draft

This means the post will be saved for you to adjust later but will not be published


If you click this button you will be able to see how the post will look.

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